• Empowering individuals to appreciate and take charge of their health

  • Supporting businesses to proactively address workforce health-risks

  • Enabling the ‘not-yet-sick’ audience to function productively

  • Building a disruptive and democratic health delivery model - reaching every person in every corner

Human health is changing very rapidly today

Lifestyle diseases cause 7 out of 10 deaths in India today – 30 years back, this was 3 out of 10 (diabetes, hypertension, cancers, cardiovascular diseases and pulmonary disease).

Human response towards health is not changing as rapidly

More than half the adult Indian population is unaware of the risks and continues to wait for a health-event to occur to take action – often too late to cure with serious socio-economic implications.

Healthcare systems aren't scaling to address the change

Traditional healthcare systems are forced to focus largely on sickness-care and remain inaccessible to most due to distance, cost, or simply even availability.

We need to recognize the growing risk of lifestyle diseases - We need to change human behavior to pre-empt and prevent these diseases - We need to complement the healthcare system to be able to support people efficiently and affordably


A combination of Vitality + Vigor, our primary purpose is to help people discover good health and empower them to proactively engage with it – in a simple, confident and everyday manner.

Last Mile Health Solution

brings health to you – anywhere and anytime

It helps you appreciate and understand health in a simple and easy manner

It helps you assess health-risk in a quick and seamless manner

It helps you take the most relevant and appropriate action in order to manage and minimize the risk

Delivery Model

A Digital Health Assistant, with top-of-the-line technology-enabled equipment, visits you at any location to conduct a quick health-screening and assist you in comprehension of your health status in a simple and actionable way.

Uses clinical grade FDA/CE certified devices

Quick registration and digital data transfer

Easy to understand report with varying risk grades

Fits into the regular work or lifestyle as a natural priority

1/10th the market price, breaking the current perceptions of healthcare being expensive

Tests Covered

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Our Customers


Dr. Tarun Ramole

Dr. Tarun is a clinician and a digital-health expert with a career spanning 17 years. He spent the first part of his professional career undertaking clinical practice with NHS-UK and subsequently spent the next part of his career focusing on design, development and deployment of mobile health and digital health products. At Vitor, Dr. Tarun leads Product Strategy & Knowledge.

Vikram Rai

Vikram combines a background spanning 17 years in technology and entrepreneurship. The first part of his career was spent developing enterprise software products with Telelogic and IBM for global clients. He subsequently co-founded his first entrepreneurial venture called Sattva, a boutique consulting firm providing advisory and implementation support to customers involved in achieving an intersection of business and social impact. At Vitor, Vikram leads Business Development and Operations.

We are a diverse and vibrant team comprising of professionals from healthcare, technology, social-sciences, business-management and design backgrounds.

Above all, each of us have a personal story of motivation and purpose to disrupt healthcare – equitably and universally.

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